Why Choose Our Courses

Learn By Doing

Watching pre-recorded online training videos does not work for most people. This way of learning suffers from poor commitment, poor engagement and misses the most fundamental part of learning - interacting with instructors, peers and tutors.

We believe in learning by doing! That's what makes you a real professional. All our courses are designed around this idea.

why choose Our courses

  • Career-focused program

  • Live instruction and tutoring

  • Small batch-size to get personal attention

  • Real-world projects

  • Internships

  • Placement assistance

Course structure

  • Entrance test to qualify candidates. Not everyone will be accepted. [Registration link]

  • Intense course and project work to prepare you for real-world and industry programming

  • Live instruction, tutoring and project work to refine your skills for real internships and jobs

  • Fully online. Take the course from anywhere with good Internet access.

Financing Options

  • Our partners provide financing options for students who cannot afford the tuition fee.